Data input and managementDIABASS 5DIABASS PRO
Management of the master database with quick access to selected patients
Manual data input of blood glucose, insulin, meals, sport, medicines, doctor’s appointments, laboratory values, body weight and insulin pump events, pedometer data
Data transfer from all current blood glucose meters
Data transfers from many blood pressure meters
Data transfer from insulin pumps
Data reception from available databases
Link to the practice computer system
Patient’s history with clear summary
Recording of visitor reports (memos) and therapy phases
Course analysis
Blood glucose (with insulin, sport, meals, medicines, steps)
Blood pressure (with insulin, sport, meals, medicines, steps)
Continuous blood glucose data
Standard day
Blood glucose (24h course)
…optional report of standard deviation
…optional grouping of values
…individual start of analysis (e.g. from 06:00 – 06:00)
Blood glucose (as watch diagram)
Blood pressure
Blood glucose fluctuations
Graphic representation of blood glucose fluctuations
Tabular list of blood glucose fluctuations
Period analysis
Blood glucose
Blood pressure
Tabular functions
Report (chronological)
Report (compact presentation)
Blood glucose statistics (grouped)
Insulin pump
Pump chart
Insulin pump events
Other analyses
Quality of therapy
Histograph (blood glucose)
Standard week (blood glucose)
Comparative analysis with trend
Distribution analysis of hypoglycaemias and hyperglycaemias
Weight progression
Weight and body fat data
Administration, documentation and report optionsDIABASS 5DIABASS PRO
Switch to the express surface for optimum work flow
Activation of several windows for comparison
User-defined summary of printed reports
Comprehensive printed report
Printout of current screen content
Printout of individual practice logos
Form to present to Social Security/Social Welfare Court
Establishing of a severe disability
Quick buttons to print selected reports
Documentation/saving of current analysis
Export of the current analysis to the clipboard
Integrated data security (ZIP-compatible)
Storage feature for old data that is no longer needed
ASCII and CAMIT 3 ASC data export
Data packet production to send to the doctor on disk or by E-mail
Integration of data packets received from patients
Adaptation of display and report options
(including colours, measuring units)
Expandability of the range of features through external add-ins or third-party providers
User licence for up to three work places
Sending of reports in PDF format (via MAPI Client)