DIABASS 5 – comfortable diary-keeping on the PC

Diabass - Software für DiabetikerAnyone with diabetes should keep a diabetes diary
to record their values and medicines.

A computer-supported diabetes diary can make life easier: User tests have shown that within a short time many patients are better equipped for consultations with their doctor. Also, as bad values are picked up quickly with the aid of the software, awareness of the basic causes can be sharpened.

DIABASS 5, a real all-rounder

Diabass bloodsugar software

Simply record, clearly prepare and evaluate all of your blood glucose values and therapy data on the PC. Blood glucose, diet, exercise, doctor’s visits, laboratory data, body weight, basal rate and medicines can also be managed.

DIABASS 5 can transfer values from all current blood glucose devices to the PC: at present over 200 different devices are supported. This saves you the trouble of typing and also several different meters can be deployed simultaneously. In addition, it is possible to transfer data from numerous blood glucose devices, insulin pumps and pedometers.

By the way: DIABASS has been on the market since 1992 and has undergone constant further development ever since. And it is programmed not by industry experts but by diabetics for diabetics themselves. Even people with little PC experience can get on with it quickly.

More screenshots can be found here

Better prepared for your doctor’s visit with DIABASS 5

Send recorded values easily to the doctor – e.g. as a printout, on a USB stick or via the internet.

Particularly practical: with the memo feature, you can take a „snapshot“ of the current screen settings and save with a comment – these notes can then be clearly prepared for the next doctor’s visit. Visually-impaired people can have their values read out if they wish; an integrated magnifier is also useful.

Using the integrated therapy analysis, you can see at a glance how „good“ your current settings are.


  • DIABASS 5 Starter version: A time limited starter version with somewhat fewer features can be downloaded here.
  • DIABASS 5 Full version: can be purchased in our online shop (as a download or on CD). DIABASS 5 is also available by diabetes mail order services.
  • System requirements: Computer with Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7
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