DIABASS PRO: for GP surgeries and hospitals

Diabetes software for professional use
Interpreting handwritten diabetes diaries can be relatively time-consuming for the doctor or training staff. Many parameters relevant to therapy cannot be drawn from such records, or can be drawn only inadequately.

DIABASS PRO is a very comprehensive and powerful tool for diabetes analysis: in addition to the already comprehensive analysis options in the patients‘ version, DIABASS PRO offers lots of extra features that help to facilitate everyday diabetological practices.


  • comfortable patient administration.
  • comfortable examination and analysis of metabolic settings
  • Available databases can be extensively and automatically received (e.g. from CAMIT/COMPASS/ONETOUCH/PRECISION LINK/DIALOGUE/INTOUCH/WINGLUCOFACTS)
  • integrated BDT/GDT interface
  • integrated Update-Assistent – all workstations can be updated centrally
  • QM and DMP: DIABASS PRO enables linking with DPV software
  • The meter brought by the patient can be read easily on the PC
  • Express and summarise values in a meaningful and clear fashion
  • Using the device serial number, a meter can be allocated automatically to the patient
  • Provide your patients with comprehensive documentation of their blood glucose values at the press of a button

Support for experts‘ reports and medical certificates

The powerful printed reports from DIABASS PRO provide important support for medial certificates and experts‘ reports. Help your patients with well-presented documentation and analysis of data that is second to none – and save yourself the trouble of having to deal with time-consuming follow-up queries.
For example, a prepared form to present to the social welfare court is included, which is largely completed automatically by DIABASS PRO.


Whether to bridge the distance between patient and diabetologist or for close monitoring during pregnancy or for new appointments: the use of telemedicine can also be very helpful in the area of diabetes. Some program features are integrated into DIABASS and DIABASS PRO, which make it possible to send simple and uncomplicated data to the doctor.

Use the meaningful printed reports, which can be embellished with your logo if desired, as an advert for your practice – or also as an additional IGeL service.


  • DIABASS PRO Starter version: A time limited and free starter version with somewhat fewer features can be ordered here.
  • DIABASS PRO Full version: can be purchased in our online shop (as a download or on CD). DIABASS is also available by diabetes mail order services.
  • System requirements: Computer with Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7

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