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  1. How do I get technical support
  2. Help for issues with data transfer
  3. Which update is right for me?
  4. How can I get data from DIABASS4?
  5. How do you restore backup files?
  6. How can I get a manual for DIABASS ?
  7. How can I transfer data from the food manager 2.1 to DIABASS?

How do I get technical support?

We offer users of our products comprehensive technical support without a time limit. It doesn’t matter when you purchased DIABASS: we continue to assist you free of charge as part of our basic support service through online inquiries or in our support forum. In addition, we also offer paid support services. You will find an overview of our support options here.

Help with data transfer issues

There can be several reasons why data transfer from your meter doesn’t work how you want it to. We have put together instructions that will help you to solve your problems in most cases.

Which is the right update for me?

Update: Users of the previous version, DIABASS4, can upgrade to the latest version, DIABASS5, with „regular update“. The update is available on CD or as a download .

Special update: Users of the previous version, DIABASS4, in a special edition (e.g. Bayer Edition, OMRON Edition), requires the „special update“ to upgrade to the latest version DIABASS5. The special update is available on CD or as a download .

Longtime update: Users of a very old previous version of DIABASS (e.g. DIABASS2 or DIABASS3) can still upgrade to the latest version, DIABASS5, at a special price by selecting „longtime update“. The longtime update is available on CD or as a download .

Updating: Updating is intended for customers who already use DIABASS5 and want to update their program version once. For people who want to always have the latest updates, we recommend taking out an update subscription.

How can I receive data from DIABASS4?

You can receive data from DIABASS4 without further conversion – please select the command OPEN FILE. In the window that appears you can select your existing diary file.

You will find your diary file unchanged in the directory in which it was last processed by DIABASS4 (mostly c:programmediabass4data). To select it, you therefore need to change to this directory.

We recommend copying this file to the DIABASS5 data directory of (c:programmediabass5data).

How can you restore backup files?

Backup files are only unnamed copies that contain the backup date in the file name.

Example: 2008111211343_MUSTERMANN_MAX.DAS (=vom 12.11.2008, 21:13:43)

It is best to recopy the desired backup file to the data directory (subdirectory data) and rename it.

In the example above, the new file name would then be: MUSTERMANN_MAX.DAS

DIABASS PRO: The backup file is a ZIP archive and contains the complete patient directory along with all the patient data. To restore the archive (wholly or partially) simply unpack the files into the patient directory.

How can I get a manual for DIABASS?

The manual for DIABASS is available in electronic form as a PDF document; it can be displayed and printed out via the command ? - online manual .

Note: To display the manual, Acrobat Reader must be installed from the CD (located in the Acrobat directory).

At the request of many users of the previous version, we do not supply a printed manual. Experience has shown that such a handbook is often unnecessary and mountains of paper are needlessly wasted. However, if you do not wish to take the trouble to print out the manual, a bound manual (approx.120 pages) is available under ISBN 3-9806-1304-6 at a price of 12.00 euros from any bookstore or directly from us.

How can I transfer data from the food manager 2.1 to DIABASS?

To be able to receive data in DIABASS from food manager 2.0 in DIABASS, proceed as follows:

  1. Set the option DETAILED DATA INPUT in DIABASS.
  2. Create or select an entry.
  3. In the input mask that appears a green area is now visible: extract from the food manager the desired food item on this area.

Further information can be found in the DIABASS manual or in the online help. You will find an introduction in the manual of DIABASS (P.47, DATA INPUT). Please note that under OPTIONS (on the right edge) the option „Detailed entry“ must be activated. You can then extract the desired food item from the food manager directly into the table.