simply because it’s better!

DIABASS – the best diabetes diary for blood glucose,
insulin or sporting activities – with DIABASS all
the relevant diabetes data can be comfortably recorded
and clearly analysed. And the best thing is: DIABASS allows
data transfer from all current meters.

Over 100,000 users all over Europe have already chosen DIABASS.

DIABASS bloodsugar diary

Not just for computer freaks

DIABASS is the best solution for any type of diabetes,
whether you are insulin-dependent or you control
your blood glucose with tablets and diet:

DIABASS can manage all the relevant data and
is still easy to operate.

Diabass the diabetes software

Safer for kids and parents!

DIABASS – valuable help for children with diabetes.
With children especially it is important that blood glucose
values and insulin doses are carefully documented.

With DIABASS parents can always keep an eye on values!
And the clear reports and analyses are a valuable aid when applying
for attendance allowance, accompanying persons or integration assistance.

Bloodsugar diary for kids and teens

Diabetes in pregnancy? Play it safe!

Get your blood glucose under control with DIABASS.
Mums-to-be frequently develop diabetes in pregnancy (gestational diabetes).
In pregnancy it is very important that blood glucose is carefully
controlled and optimally adjusted.

DIABASS removes the burden from you by recording all of the necessary values
and creates important analyses for the doctor at the push of a button.

Diabetes in Pregnancy

Always know what your insulin pump does

Find out what DIABASS does for insulin pump wearers.
Insulin pump therapy is the pinnacle of diabetes treatment.
Although more demands are certainly made on the patient.

With DIABASS you record all the data necessary
and send this information, which is needed
for the best therapy, to your doctor.

DIABASS for insulin pump wearers

Safer – for me and for others.

DIABASS: the greatest aid for car drivers.
Driving despite diabetes – as a rule, no problem.
If it is certain that low blood glucose will not occur while driving.

And that everything has been done to avoid
a hypoglycaemic attack. DIABASS helps by proving
that you have your blood glucose under control.

car driving diabetic

DIABASS PRO for the surgery.

Data transfer from all meters.
DIABASS PRO: the comprehensive solution to comfortable diabetes documentation.
No matter what blood glucose meter the patient uses: with just a single
software program the values can be read and comprehensively analysed.

In the network, with a link to the practice computer
system – proven, independent of manufacturer and upgradable!

Diabetes Software for surgery

Diabetes documentation in hospital.

DIABASS PRO – valuable everyday assistance in the hospital.
Not only quality assurance: comprehensive diabetes documentation
is also indispensable for inpatient care.

Comfortable patient administration, network capability, independent
of meter manufacturers and comprehensive analysis features make
DIABASS PRO a universal tool for both outpatient and inpatient care.

Diabetes Software for Clinics
Software Diabetes

The solution: for all meters.

DIABASS is compatible with over 200 meters!

Find your meter

Diabetes documents

disability, driving licence,
pumps & CGMS

DIABASS creates
the necessary records!